Rescuing Relational Meaning by Tom Stone Carlson and Amanda Haire

This presentation entitled, ‘Of drawers and coffee cups: Rescuing Relational Meaning from the Otherwise “Ordinary” Everyday Events of Life’, is by Tom Stone Carlson and Amanda Haire. We’re delighted to offer this video presentation from Tom and Amanda which builds upon their recent paper, ‘Toward a Theory of Relational Accountability: An Invitational Approach to Living Narrative Ethics in Couple Relationships‘. This paper described an approach to couples therapy that seeks to help couples intimately apply the ethics of narrative ideas in their personal lives and relationships. This intimate application of narrative ideas is focused on helping partners to gain an appreciation for the shaping effects of their actions on one another’s stories of self and to engage in intentional relationship practices that nurture and positively shape the stories of self of their partners.

Published April 24, 2015
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