Soundtrack of Your Life: A narrative therapy practice intervention by Ian Maund

In this Friday Afternoon Video, Ian Maund traces the development of the Soundtrack of Your Life (SOYL) narrative therapy methodology. In doing so, a practice story that trials its application emerges. SOYL uses folk psychology to engage young people in narrative interactions. It was created to incorporate many narrative therapy techniques, including externalising, experience-near description questions, identifying survival skills and responses to a problem, re-authoring, re-membering, social histories and outsider witnessing. SOYL was trialled as an engagement tool with a young Aboriginal boy who was entrenched in the youth justice system. The methodology facilitated meaningful engagement, unique outcomes, the development of a preferred story line and reconnection, for the boy and his family, to a lost loved one.

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Ian Maund (wakunwakun) is a Waribarra man from Far North Queensland, Australia. Ian is a youth worker for a program supporting young people involved with or at risk of entering into the youth justice system. He works at an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nongovernment organisation based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Ian can be contacted by email at

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