Elevating children’s voices when working in communities that have been impacted by natural disasters by Hailey Trudgeon

In this Friday Afternoon Video, Hailey Trudgeon details her experience using narrative practice to help children be a part of conversations about emergency preparedness within their community. It explores the importance of children’s voices in discussions about emergency preparedness within their communities. Children are viewed as resilient and capable contributors within their communities throughout this video.  

Hailey discusses how she facilitated the creation of a therapeutic document for people who have a loved one who works in emergency services. She details how this document detailed the skills and knowledge of people who have loved ones working in emergency services. In doing so, the video explores how the Team of Life approach can be adapted to the context of emergency preparedness. Hailey explains how she used the metaphor of an “Evacuation Bag of Life” to encourage children to think about people who have made positive influences in their lives.  

Hailey also explores the importance of intergenerational collaboration and how centering children’s voices in community discussions about natural disasters can bring important changes to communities.  It is hoped that through sharing this video, it will inspire others to provide children and young people with more opportunities to be part of important community discussions.  

Author biography
My name is Hailey Trudgeon. I am from the Mid North Coast in NSW. I have worked with children for the past 5 years. I am passionate about helping young people have their voices heard and after the devastating bushfires in 2019 I helped compile children’s stories into a book. This experience is why  I chose to study the certificate in Narrative Therapy and Community Work in 2021. Since completing this course I have worked with communities to come up with emergency preparedness plans. In this role I supported children to be part of these conversations. Now I am studying a Bachelor of Community health and hoping to work in the field using narrative therapy techniques when I finish my studies. Now I recently began a role with my local council where I will be supporting youth to design and implement a creative project within their community. I can see a great use for Narrative Therapy techniques in this role and I am excited for the possibilities. 



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